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Courses : ADR - Initial - Refresher

Professional drivers are required by law to hold an ADR licence in order to transport hazardous or potentially hazardous goods in the European Union.

The programme

The ADR licence is split into different classes, the passing of these classes enable the different types of materials to be carried.

ADR Tankers provide the candidates with a good understanding on the specific additional provisions and regulations applicable to the use of tankers and tank containers.


Benefits to the employer and the learner

Learners who undertake an ADR course with Mantra can opt to gain two qualifications for the price of one. Firstly gaining their ADR licence whilst at the same time learners will gain 21 hours towards their Driver CPC.



On successful completion candidates will receive their ADR licence directly from SQA.


Course design

The course covers how to effectively deal and/or identify gases, flammable liquids, toxics, flammable solids and other various substances. As outlined by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) the minimum requirement to achieve an ADR licence is that candidates must pass the following modules; Core, Packages or Tankers and 1 of the 7 classes. Please see course information sheet for the full list of units.


Core modules:

Relevant regulations

UN class hazards

Health and safety

Transfer and disposal of waste

Material safety data

Site rules

First aid

Emergency procedures and incident test



Class 2 - Gases

Class 3 - Flammable liquids

Class 4 - Flammable solids

Class 5 - Oxidising substances and organic peroxides

Class 6 - Toxic and infectious substances

Class 8 - Corrosives substances

Class 9 - Miscellaneous substances

Specimen Certificate

ADR - Initial & Refresher